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TOA products have been contributing to creating a society where people can feel happier.

Public Address / Voice Evacuation Systems

From professional sound reproduction to complex site supervision, TOA voice alarm systems offer built-in versatility and reliability

Commercial Audio Systems

Since being founded in 1934 as a manufacturer of commercial and professional audio equipment TOA has grown

Professional Sounds

A rich, well-mixed sound makes any concert a true audio experience. As the name suggests,

Intercom System

For many people, a feeling of safety is of central importance. This is an area in which TOA is especially active and for which it has been developing highly innovative technology for many years.

Wireless System

TOA has been developing wireless microphone systems for different uses since 1965. With many years of experience

Conference System

Sound technology is so important like the speech that transmits it reliably and clearly. During parliamentary debates


Public Address system installation in KSA

Elite Ideas is a TOA partner in Saudi Arabia and Middle East
TOA  provide innovative products and solutions as a specialist manufacturer of the field of sound and video. You will find TOA systems in thousands of different places, such as schools, concert halls, shopping malls, skyscrapers, airports and sport stadiums.

Elite Ideas believes in offering the cutting-edge innovation in Public Address systems. PA system is an electronic sound intensification and offering system to the utilization of an amplifier, mouthpiece, and loudspeakers which permit an individual to address a huge public, helps the groups to enjoy in the social affair gathering events and music shows. Basic PA systems are frequently utilized in little scenes, for example, school assembly rooms, Government service center,s and little Company workplaces. PA systems with numerous speakers are generally used to make announcements openly, institutional and business structures, and crowded places, for example, airports. Some PA systems permit the occupants to react to the declarations with a microphone gave at the rooms.

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Factors to be considered while selecting public address system.

  • The output power of the P.A. system ought to be satisfactory for a giving application.
  • The number of amplifiers that can be associated at the info.
  • Provision to connect a tape device or CD player at its information.
  • Provision of a tone control/realistic equalizer circuit.
  • Separate amplitude control for each info receiver.
  • The number of speakers that can be driven by the P.A. system.
  • Facility to utilize the remote amplifiers.
  • Facility of working the P.A. system on the DC batteries in case of power failure.

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Elite Ideas provides a range of TOA public address sound system products

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