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iathan helps you remember prayer times, seamlessly integrating them into your work routine for the five daily obligatory prayers.
Our Solutions ~

i-ATHAN Software

we are a proud to partner with Trillium company, to offer iathan program that helps you know it’s time to pray. It is a one-time program that is downloaded to your device and will remind all company employees at prayer time by calling the Tray


iathan is a unique Islamic program that helps you to improve the management of your organization or company, i-ATHAN helps you to remember prayer times and perform them whenever you sit down to perform your work and know the times of the five obligatory prayers. Phones on the network within the institution or company via voice call to remind you that the time for prayer has come to perform it. All you have to do is adjust the settings for one time and the program will automatically call to prayer at every prayer time you choose.

i-ATHAN Software ~

Start i-ATHAN Programme

Start i-ATHAN Programme

Start using i-ATHAN for accurate prayer time notifications and a seamless prayer experience. Follow the five easy steps: install, configure, integrate, customize, and activate. Embrace  iathan to streamline prayer management and enjoy an organized and connected prayer routine.

iathan helps you remember prayer times, seamlessly integrating them into your work routine for the five daily obligatory prayers.

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Core Features For iAthan :

iathan Calculation

i-ATHAN, our groundbreaking software, integrates athan calculation and sip paging capabilities, streamlining prayer time determination for busy individuals and revolutionizing the market.

Unified Communication

i-ATHAN supports open SIP protocol, seamlessly integrating with unified communication systems and providing automated voice reminders for accurate prayer times based on your location.

Public Address System

i-ATHAN seamlessly integrates with existing public announcement systems, enabling businesses to upgrade to SIP-based voice communication solutions. It is an ideal choice for sectors like schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, showrooms, workshops, and factories.

Auto Action

i-ATHAN can perform auto paging and also other functions such as manual paging and timer paging

i-ATHAN Features

  1. Paging recurrence capabilities (i.e. a certain day of the week.)
  2. Paging on auto-calculated Athan time
  3. Capable of paging certain Prayers each day
  4. Alert option before or after Athan time
  5. Option for the onetime skip of scheduled Athan page
  6. Plays any Athan file or any notification message
  7. Compatible with any device that is Sip capable

Unlimited support

We provide the best technical support service all the time .
Our Special Features ~

Unique i-ATHAN Software:

Prayer times reminders using SIP systems.

i-ATHAN automatically sounds at each prayer time.

Send i-Athan to users in your local network

More than one PBX can be added to the i-ATHAN

Send i-Athan to users in your local network

Contains the Hijri and Gregorian calendar

Prayer times can be modified

Ease of downloading, installation and activation

Taking into account the timing and time differences

i-Athan software is compatible with all Windows OS