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Major Advantages Of our grms system


We provide better energy consumption management that enables major savings in energy


We bring the highest level of comfort to your guests with intuitive panels enabling easy access and control.


We secure the feeling of safety for both, your guests and hotel staff by applying high-level access control and monitoring 24/7.


We offer solutions for your needs giving you the possibility to program your perfect room setting in a small simple hotel or a grand, luxurious one


We make it possible for you to design your future glass panels by choosing different colors and pictograms to fit into your hotel interior design


We enable easy integration with other systems HVAC, PMS, DOOR LOCKS etc, via BACnet or Modbus protocols TCP/IP and Bluetooth.

Modernize your hotel with our solutions for grms system control to deliver the ultimate in-room comfort and experience.

Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

Enhance guest comfort with modern hotel guest room control  Modernize your hotel with our solutions for guest room control to deliver the ultimate in-room comfort and experience. Increase insights for enhanced guest room management efficiency, savings, and operational performance.

grms system is a flexible solution applicable for different size hotels, from small inns to luxurious hotels. Our grms system is designed so that each room has one controller and several room units. It is a scalable system meaning new elements can easily be added to meet the system requirements.


Why It soft?

We're making room for self care today with plan.
Guest Room Management System

An exceptional grms system experience

Today’s luxury and full-service hotels must deliver engaging, personalized services to retain guest loyalty. Unifiedway Connected Room Solutions for Hotels ensure discerning guests enjoy connectivity and conveniences while driving efficiency with digitally integrated systems insight and management.


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Everything under control.

Integrated and personal.

Powerful and flexible.

Fast and reliable.

For all PBX.

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