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Ruckus Wireless Solution ~

Ruckus Wireless Solution is redefining connectivity around the globe

Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points

Every Ruckus AP, from the humblest to the boldest, is packed with an impressive array of patented technologies and delivers a level of performance that Ruckus competitors cannot touch.

Ruckus Wireless Solutions

IoT Suite

CommScope reduces infrastructure spend by connecting Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi IoT endpoints with a single multi-standards wireless access network

Ruckus Wireless Solutions

Security & BYOD Policy

Cloudpath makes it easy to protect the network by securing users and their wired and wireless devices.

Ruckus Wireless Solutions


Ruckus ICX switches are packed with innovative technologies like long-distance stacking and campus fabric that make them easy to deploy and manage while delivering impressive performance.

Ruckus Wireless Solutions

Systems Management

With Cloud Wi-Fi, you get easy management with nothing to deploy. Your users get a consistently great Wi-Fi experience, wherever they are – fast, reliable, and secure.

Ruckus Wireless Solutions


Robust reporting, informative dashboards and machine-learning-powered analytics for RUCKUS enterprise networks.

EliteIdeas provide ruckus wireless solutions and offers advanced, effective wireless networking solutions.
Our Solutions ~

Ruckus Wireless Solution Smart wired and wireless solutions

Treat Your Guests to Real Hospitality
Guest Wi-Fi for hotels has become more than just an amenity, it’s now a necessity.


Delivering a hotel wireless network without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality could be difficult unless you’re using Ruckus Solutions. Guests expect quality Wi-Fi, both in public areas like lobbies or cafeterias and additionally in their own suites., High-speed Wi-Fi for hotels in KSA isn’t just a perk anymore – it’s a requirement for doing business and satisfying clientele.

Build your own Ruckus Wirless.

Ruckus Wireless Solution is a global supplier of advanced wireless systems for the rapidly expanding mobile Internet infrastructure market. The company offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor ‘Smart WiFi’ products to mobile carriers, broadband service providers, and corporate enterprises


Ruckus Wireless Solution is redefining connectivity around the globe

Ruckus innovates across wireless and wired technologies to meet industry-specific network requirements, even in the most demanding use cases. Ruckus high-performance network infrastructure provides secure, reliable access to applications and services, no matter how tough the environment

Benefits of Hotel Wirelss Solutions with Ruckus.

  • Setup is almost instant.
  • Tiered WiFi services.
  • Control remotely.
  • Freemiumaccess.
  • Crystal-clear multimedia streaming.

Unlimited support

We provide the best technical support service all the time .
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